Wednesday, 4 September 2013

So picturesque...

A beautiful sunny day by the river, a nice stroll in the park maybe?

Photos taken at the Riverside Festival 2013

And where are these picturesque photos taken? Leicester that's where! Every town and city has their positive and negative sides, and Leicester is no better or worse than anywhere else...despite what some people would try to have you believe! It is a very buzzing, cosmopolitan, historic city, shortlisted to become UK City of Culture 2017.
I have visited many cities and towns with my job in the past. Some of the big hitters disappointed me, and yet some of the lesser known places were a totally unexpected joy to visit - little treasures hidden away with lots to explore and learn about.
I have lived in two major cities - Leeds and Edinburgh - both vibrant and visually stunning in many ways. 
So why am I living in Leicester? Because I love it, that's why. 

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