Monday, 15 June 2015

Karma chameleon!!!!!!! you come and go, you come and go ooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"As you sew, so shall ye reap", "What goes around come around", very familiar to all of us, all of them examples of a supposedly Universal  law of cause and effect, action and reaction.
Karma is basically any negative or positive action or thought that remains that way, until it expends its energy by acting on the originator.

This is what has obviously happened to one chap, a Mr.Smith who has been given a criminal record for telling the Dean of York 'She will burn forever in hell'.
I wont go into details, but here's the link

There is even a petition to remove her from York Minster.......

So you might just be wondering "What is this world coming to?"..... well that aint the 'alf of it m' ducks.....
They wished the Dean of Leicester dead too.............

All this nastiness isn't new, last year a couple of Facebook groups and pages asked their members and likers to diss the visitors center by leaving them ONE star reviews, even when they hadn't visited!!!

Some of the comments about Leicester itself over the past TWO and HALF years have not been that great either......

Some of the comments about Leicester are not easy reading such as one poster made this comment…
'Did you know that (Leicester City have opposed the replica of a Boar on Richard III's tomb (if they allow a raised tomb in their poxy cathedral) because apparently with it being a multi-cultural city it would offend ................................ guess who!!!!! This is the history of our country and as such should be under no scrutiny from foreigners whether they be British citizens or not!!!!
And another replied 'Hope that's right Linda. If not, I'm sure the more intelligent immigrant residents of Leicester would find this crass decision ridiculous and quite insulting.'

Although saying that, we've had a laugh and some have been very amusing. One lady refuses to eat products made in Leicester........................................

But I think we can safely say that we have seen justice has been exercised today, something I think Richard III would have approved of..... Don't you think?

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Sunday, 31 May 2015

The ghosts of Fotheringhay....................and sheep

Legend has it that there are ghosts that lurk here are from the magnificent funeral that Edward held for his father and brother. The sound of trumpets, lyres and other instruments mingles with the gentle singing of mournful hymns. The sounds have been heard intermittently ever since that sad day in 1461. Unfortunately we didn't see any! 
I only live 15 minutes from Richards burial place and spend most of my Saturdays with him so visiting Fotheringhay which is only 45 minutes away seemed like a lovely idea for our road trip......

 There isn't much left of the Castle that Richard III was born in, in fact its just a lump of stone.

The Motte

The stonework and staircase at the nearby Talbot Hotel in Oundle ,  is said to come from the ruins of Fotheringhay castle. 
 Mary, Queen of Scots was executed at the castle in 1587 and it was this that caused her son and grandson to undertake a thorough demolition of the castle.
Mary walked to her execution down those stairs and she left a  mark by gripping on the staircase to keep her balance. Her ring, in the shape of a crown, apparently left an indentation.
Mary’s ghost has apparently been seen on numerous occasions walking down the staircase. Furniture has also been moved around the hotel and a picture of Mary’s execution has been known to suddenly jump off the wall on which it hangs. A large amount of paranormal activity has also been felt in the room named after Mary, with one guest in particular feeling a clammy hand pushing them against the bed.

The Village itself is a lovely quite Northamptonshire village. Surrounded by sheep and the River Nene.

Richards sheep!!!

Did Richard climb over this style?

More Richards Sheep!!!

The village hosts ONE pub, unfortunately there was a wedding going on so we had to drive to another village, which actually wasn't a bad thing. We came across a gorgeous pub called the 'White Swan' in Woodnewton. Ooooohhhh it was lovely. A three course meal for £15.00.
I had prawn cocktail followed by a cheese burger, chips and salad and then the most exquisite cheesecake and a glass of wine and lemonade, ooohhh and the ladies loo's, lovely. Ok seems a bit strange reporting on the loo's but its important. Fresh clean towels and liquid soap and matching hand cream.

White Swan, Woodnewton

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Twas the night before the reinterment, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The flowers were ready,were hung by the columns with care, In hopes that the day would soon be there.

11:55, almost midnight. Enough time for one more story. One more story before 12:00, just to keep us warm. In five minutes, it will be the 26th of March. Its been over Five hundred years since Richard III was slain at the Battle of Bosworth.
Suddenly, out of the night, the fog rolled in. For a moment, they could see nothing, not a foot in front of them. Then, they saw a light. By God, it was a fire burning out of the Newark, strong enough to penetrate the swirling mist. They moved toward the light. The Grey Friars moved against the night, shuffling against each other, huddled in the stillness.  And above, as suddenly as it come, the fog lifted, receded back across the town and never came again. But it is told by the Grey Friars, and their fathers and grandfathers, that when the fog returns to the town of Leicester, so too will the legend of Richard III, he will be found once more and laid to rest once again in consecrated ground in the heart of his kingdom.(The Fog 1980).................... OK, romantic? far fetched? maybe.......... but no one would have ever of thought Richard III would have been found and reburied. Many believed the stories of the bones in the Soar, the ghosts of Friar Lane, dark hunched specters roaming the streets around St. Martins...................
So finally the Day was here, 26th March 2015. The reinterment of Richard III.........

Our evening began with the flowers. Making sure everything was perfect and ready for the big day. All the flowers and to be spot checked, nothing dying, withered or out of place, white roses were added and of course the beautiful coffin pose was brought into the Cathedral. I nearly feel into Richards grave, carrying some lilies near the new Christ the King chapel and nearly tripped and nearly ended up arse over tit, which Rosey delights in telling people!!!...But obviously I didn't!!!...but I did carry Richards coffin pose into the Cathedral which was a great honor. Also sat next the Cumberbatches chair. (Not really a huge fan of his, but still!!!)

The Chairs.......................

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Richard rests in repose........Days TWO and THREE...........23 - 24 March 2015

Early start today and not too sure what the day was going to bring we had our bacon sandwiches at the cafe around the corner and I went to buy some hessian from the market; I decided to walk up through High Street, get some milk and buy a Mercury, which came with a free tin of Baked Beans. The road was empty, think only 24 hours before it was packed full of people waiting for Richard III, T. V, media...where was everybody?, well didn't need to search  much further, as I turned the corner into the Cathedral Gardens, I had my answer.......

People had already started to queue at 8am and the Cathedral wasn't due to open until 9.30. At one point the queuing time was 5 hours and was circling around to Jubilee Square.
I had the wonderful job over the next few days of collecting in all the gifts and flowers from the public. The Cathedral Flower ladies made the displays in the Cathedral. The gifts and cards all went on display. 

I don't think anyone had any idea the amount of gifts and flowers that were presented to the Cathedral. In the end we had ran out of baskets and space and we decided to do a carpet of flowers outside.

I had many gifts handed to me during the week, flowers, cards, but one of the most moving was from a Buddhist monk. He told me it was tradition to leave a silk cloth on the coffin, obviously I told him he couldn't leave it on the coffin, so instead he prayed on it in front of me and then handed it to me for safe keeping. I told him it would go with all the other gifts and cards and he was pleased with that.

The yellow cloth is the silk scarf given by the Buddhist monk

On the Tuesday night we had arranged a party at the local pub called the 'Rutland and Derby'. Over the past few months we had made many friends from around the globe and many were coming to Leicester for the week.  Now I'm sure many will feel a celebration was disrespectful but it wasn't. We were celebrating our friendships. Who could have imagined two years ago we would be meeting in a pub, eating and drinking with people we never new existed. People from as far as the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. It was fantastic. Ali had made bunting and I had attempted to make a cake, which unfortunately wasn't so fantastic, bit burnt with squashed icing, but, what the hell!!!!....

Fabulous Bunting

Not so fabulous cake, although cutting through the burnt bits it was edible!!!!

It was a super fantastic night, and who would have believed that the discovery of a medieval King could bring so many wonderful people together in (as some people have said and repeated time and time again) insignificant town in the Midlands!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT SO INSIGNIFICANT NOW!!!!!!!.........................................

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Official Day ONE ........#2 The King arrives Sunday 22nd March

Flowers ready, eaten, chilling and waiting for the King. We decided to get some fresh air and take a walk among the crowds, well actually with our "back stage passes" we could get through the barriers and relax in the Cathedral Gardens for a bit.
Passing through the crowds like a scene from 'Waynes World'......we were more then worthy, (if you

have ever seen the film you will know what I'm talking about), apart from this was King Richard III not Alice Cooper, anyway, we tided up the flowers at the statue and walked a bit  further down and came across East Midlands today. Rosey, being the ever so keen eyed professional florist eyed up the news readers button hole, looked a bit sorry for itself so I asked her if she'd like a new fresh one. She said "Yes" and then asked if she could interview us!!!!! Me, Zoe and Rosey!!!... Obviously we said "Of course you can, but you must let Sir Peter Soulsby go first, he's been waiting longer".
So there we sat, on a wall in the Cathedral Gardens, basking in the sunshine waiting to be interviewed so the whole of the East Midlands could see what I look like with no make up on and having been up since 4am, I had bags under my eyes like haulage trolleys, but what the hell!!!!

After Sir P.S, we were called over, what no make up lady, refreshments, my hair looked like a birds nest but it went great, the sun was shining and the questions and answers flowed.
After, I needed to calm down and nipped over to see a friend and within ten minutes of the interview THREE people asked if they had just seen me on T.V... ;) felt high as a kite and nothing would bring me down!.

Then the time came, Richard III was on his way. We made our way up the second floor base camp and waited. The crowds were forming below us the clergy were out waiting and we were enjoying a glass or two of wine.

From then on, I think it's a blur, no, not because of the wine, it was the emotion. some of you who are reading this, know me and know how hard myself and others fought to keep Richard in Leicester, from petitions to T.V interviews, radio, newspapers, Endless rounds of arguments on Facebook, and now it the end????? its a new beginning. Enjoy the photos there is not much else to say.......

Photo taken from Leicester Mercury