Sunday, 31 May 2015

The ghosts of Fotheringhay....................and sheep

Legend has it that there are ghosts that lurk here are from the magnificent funeral that Edward held for his father and brother. The sound of trumpets, lyres and other instruments mingles with the gentle singing of mournful hymns. The sounds have been heard intermittently ever since that sad day in 1461. Unfortunately we didn't see any! 
I only live 15 minutes from Richards burial place and spend most of my Saturdays with him so visiting Fotheringhay which is only 45 minutes away seemed like a lovely idea for our road trip......

 There isn't much left of the Castle that Richard III was born in, in fact its just a lump of stone.

The Motte

The stonework and staircase at the nearby Talbot Hotel in Oundle ,  is said to come from the ruins of Fotheringhay castle. 
 Mary, Queen of Scots was executed at the castle in 1587 and it was this that caused her son and grandson to undertake a thorough demolition of the castle.
Mary walked to her execution down those stairs and she left a  mark by gripping on the staircase to keep her balance. Her ring, in the shape of a crown, apparently left an indentation.
Mary’s ghost has apparently been seen on numerous occasions walking down the staircase. Furniture has also been moved around the hotel and a picture of Mary’s execution has been known to suddenly jump off the wall on which it hangs. A large amount of paranormal activity has also been felt in the room named after Mary, with one guest in particular feeling a clammy hand pushing them against the bed.

The Village itself is a lovely quite Northamptonshire village. Surrounded by sheep and the River Nene.

Richards sheep!!!

Did Richard climb over this style?

More Richards Sheep!!!

The village hosts ONE pub, unfortunately there was a wedding going on so we had to drive to another village, which actually wasn't a bad thing. We came across a gorgeous pub called the 'White Swan' in Woodnewton. Ooooohhhh it was lovely. A three course meal for £15.00.
I had prawn cocktail followed by a cheese burger, chips and salad and then the most exquisite cheesecake and a glass of wine and lemonade, ooohhh and the ladies loo's, lovely. Ok seems a bit strange reporting on the loo's but its important. Fresh clean towels and liquid soap and matching hand cream.

White Swan, Woodnewton

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