Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Official Day ONE ........#2 The King arrives Sunday 22nd March

Flowers ready, eaten, chilling and waiting for the King. We decided to get some fresh air and take a walk among the crowds, well actually with our "back stage passes" we could get through the barriers and relax in the Cathedral Gardens for a bit.
Passing through the crowds like a scene from 'Waynes World'......we were more then worthy, (if you

have ever seen the film you will know what I'm talking about), apart from this was King Richard III not Alice Cooper, anyway, we tided up the flowers at the statue and walked a bit  further down and came across East Midlands today. Rosey, being the ever so keen eyed professional florist eyed up the news readers button hole, looked a bit sorry for itself so I asked her if she'd like a new fresh one. She said "Yes" and then asked if she could interview us!!!!! Me, Zoe and Rosey!!!... Obviously we said "Of course you can, but you must let Sir Peter Soulsby go first, he's been waiting longer".
So there we sat, on a wall in the Cathedral Gardens, basking in the sunshine waiting to be interviewed so the whole of the East Midlands could see what I look like with no make up on and having been up since 4am, I had bags under my eyes like haulage trolleys, but what the hell!!!!

After Sir P.S, we were called over, what no make up lady, refreshments, my hair looked like a birds nest but it went great, the sun was shining and the questions and answers flowed.
After, I needed to calm down and nipped over to see a friend and within ten minutes of the interview THREE people asked if they had just seen me on T.V... ;) felt high as a kite and nothing would bring me down!.

Then the time came, Richard III was on his way. We made our way up the second floor base camp and waited. The crowds were forming below us the clergy were out waiting and we were enjoying a glass or two of wine.

From then on, I think it's a blur, no, not because of the wine, it was the emotion. some of you who are reading this, know me and know how hard myself and others fought to keep Richard in Leicester, from petitions to T.V interviews, radio, newspapers, Endless rounds of arguments on Facebook, and now it the end????? its a new beginning. Enjoy the photos there is not much else to say.......

Photo taken from Leicester Mercury


  1. Great photos and commentary!

  2. Tears in my eyes again from seeing these images & remembering that day. Thanks, Jo!