Sunday, 26 April 2015

Flowers for Richard Day ONE.....

Back in January this year, 2015, I was asked by the wonderful Rosemary Hughes if I would join her 'Floral team' for the reinterment of King Richard III.  I think Rosie already knew the answer!!!...Yes!!! I said and had to try very hard not to scream or cry down the phone.
I'm not a florist but I am hard working and organised and I first met Rosie when a small group of us wanted to raise money for the 'St. Mary De Castro Spire Appeal'.

During the petition campaign to keep Richard III in Leicester, Rosie helped arrange an interview with Radio Leicester, so to repay the favour  I said YES to the flowers. To be honest, how hard can flowers be??? Well, was I in for a shock!!!..
Without going into detail on the amazing mind of the wonderfully talented Rosemary Hughes, here's a link to her interview explaining her idea behind Richard's flowers.

Day ONE, Thursday 19 March 2014
On the first day, I was there waiting at our work room on Peacock Lane, Rosie told me to get there at 7.30, but because I have no sense of time and so excited I was there at 7am, with a mop and bucket, dust pan and brush and a first aid kit.

I was so nervous, what do I do, what if a stick a piece of foliage in the wrong place, what if I cant do it???Aaarhhh
Well I shouldn't have worried, the floral team were super, Rosie, Peta, Zoe, Lisa, Angela and Mick. On my first day I made cups of tea, stood as bodyguard on the door, helped bring in the foliage, de thorned roses, swept up and made myself official photographer.

Never before in my life have I seen so many Roses, Lillies and greenery.

The morning was broken up with a trip to the cob shop for bacon butties and plenty of cups of teas.
Oh, I think it's a florists life for me, but was told this was the easy bit..............

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