Sunday, 3 May 2015

Flowers For Richard Day THREE........ Saturday 21st March 2015

This is day three of preparations. All the arrangements had to be ready and in the cathedral ready for tomorrows reinterment. For me, this is when reality starts to sink in and I realise what I am doing. As a Ricardian and a lover of history I have finally realised I am involved in doing the Flowers for King Richard III.....arhhhhhhh, excuse me while I scream!!!!!
Can you imagine knowing you are doing the flowers for a Kings reinterment!!! It was just so surreal!!!

I had the honor today of making the little poise baskets which were filled with white petal for the little girls in Dadlington to throw in front of Richards coffin.

Everything had to be taken over today, ready for tomorrow...The day Richard III would arrive in Leicester Cathedral and lie in Repose until his reinterment on Thursday 26th March 2015

Well it is nearly the end of the third preparation day. Everything is ready and the cathedral if looking beautiful. The flower arrangements are in place..... and its time for bed...............

This is my creation.... my very own column 3.....leaking a little but was perfect on the big day  ;)

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